The Ancient Site of Epidavros

The Great Theatre of Epidavros is one of the best known ancient theatres in Greece and one of the largest and best preserved. Originally built to entertain the people being treated at the Sanctuary of Asklepio, the theatre holds over 13,000 spectators and is split into two tiers, one for the patients and citizens and the other for the priests, healers and rulers.

The unbelievable acoustics mean that a pin can be dropped centre stage and can be heard on the top tier without the use of electronic equipment. The excellently preserved construction and excellent acoustics make it one of the most visited theatres in Greece.

People from all over Greece and the Mediterranean visited the Ascepleion at Epidavros in search of the cures and therapies for which it had become famous. It was the best known sanctuary of its kind in Ancient Greece and covered a large area including a gynamsium, sports stadium, hospices, private room and, of course, the theatre.

The entrance, the Propylaia, dates back to the Mycenaean era and consists of a seires of arches with six columns each (Ionian and Corinthian type). The temple of Asclepius, which has been being restored for some years is a Doric temple where Asclepius statue was hosted. Behind the temple there was the "tholos", the most eye-catching building in the sanctuary. Other buildings were the house of priests, the temples to Artemis and the temple of Apollo.

The wonderful natural environment, abundant water supply and peaceful atmosphere is still much evident today and wandering the site one cannot help but appreciate the healing effects that this would have had on many dis-eases of the Ancient times.

Things to See

  • Ancient Theatre
  • Sanctuary of Asklepio
  • Stadium
  • Museum

Other sightseeing